Shipping FAQs

Shipping your question usually triggers a lot of questions like how and when. At ATM International Courier Services, we believe in making package shipping as easy as taking a walk in the park. 

Here we have compiled FAQs on shipping that may help answer your queries.

If you still have more questions, call us on +91-9815922428 or fill-up the form on our website with your query and our customer support team will be delighted to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ATM International Courier Services restrict sending any goods?

Please check our list of “Allowed & Restricted” goods provided in the website menu. If your good is not listed there, please contact us.

Any limit to the number of shipments that can be sent?

No restrictions. Send as many numbers of consignments as you’d like.

How does ATM International Courier Services get courier rates?

After providing the details of your shipment, ATM International Courier Services will find the best possible solution for you. We will present all possibilities for your shipment and you can pick the solution that you deem best for you.

How do I get a custom quote for my shipment?

Fill up the form given on our website with the following shipment specifications & our customer support representative will get back to you within a few minutes with an accurate quote.
-> Length: From the first left front to right.
-> Width: It’s measured from the front of the shipment to the back.
-> Height: Simply measure the top to bottom.
“Length” should be the longest side of your consignment. In case if the shape of your package is “irregular”, pick up the specifications from the extremes of the package.

Any restrictions on the weight and size of the shipment?

Yes. There are strict restrictions on the size and weight of the shipments given by the courier companies. That’s where ATM International Courier Services steps in to provide solutions that help meet these restrictions..
Please make sure that you are providing us with the correct measurements (specifications) of your shipment. If helps avoid any surprises like additional surcharges etc. later on.

What is the meaning of volumetric weight?

Volumetric or dimensional weight is a billing technique. It takes into account your shipment specifications – length, width, and height. ATM International Courier Services has a system in place (these formulas may vary per courier, services, or location) that automatically calculates the value accurately.

Is ATM International Courier Services capable of handling heavy consignments?

There is an international clause in place for the couriers, that prevents them from not lifting more than 30 kg consignments. It saves them from injuring themselves.

What is the meaning of “Consignment Type”?

It means a certain category for your shipment.

What are the different types of consignments?

Parcel – It’s usually a carton box or packaging used for shipment.
Pallet – When a consignment is placed on an undercarriage made of plastic, wood, or steel, that’s called a pallet.
Documents – Letters, contracts, other papers, invoices, etc. are all considered documents. Anything other than this, like a gift or product sample, etc, are considered parcels. One simple reason is the customs – they don’t consider documents dutiable but parcels.

How to send a pallet?

We do not provide pallets. Customers have to arrange their own. Pallets should be safe for transportation as it may be required for lifting like a forklift.
Pallets are used for shipping heavy items (usually more than 23kgs in weight), large numbers of goods or items.

What if my item is too large for shipping?

No problem. We have a tailor-made courier service for such large shipments. Please call our customer support or fill-up the form on our website and we will get back to you within a few minutes (on business days) with the solution.

How do I know if my shipment will be handled well in transit?

We understand you. It is essential to understand your package’s journey to know how well your package will stay protected from any damage or loss.
Usually, shipments are maneuvered by Automated Distribution Systems. It will be processed with multiple other shipments, being handled by automated systems and people who take them through vans, conveyor belts, trays, etc. This is one good reason why fragile items are at risk while shipping and advised to be packed carefully.

Is it advisable to send fragile items through a courier service?

Yes, sure. You need to be more careful with its packaging.

How to label or tag my shipment?

The label is a barcode that contains information that is used by the carrier to get your shipment delivered as soon as possible. It is generated based on the information provided during the shipment booking process. That is one reason we request you to give us all the details correctly. Errors in information during the booking process may cause delays.

Where to put the label on shipment?

The label should be put on the top of the box, where it’s clearly visible, preferably in the center. In the case of pallet shipment, you may put it in the pallet front – upper right corner.

What exactly is Customs Clearance?

It is actually permission granted by the National Customs Authority through documents for granting permission to import goods.
It is to make sure nothing illegal or dangerous is imported to the respective country. In addition, there are certain taxes and fees levied by the government, based on your shipment’s value and its contents. These shall be endured either by the shipper or the receiver of the shipment.

What is referred to as a commercial invoice?

It is an invoice that has the number, description, and value of the goods being transported in the consignment.

How is a commercial invoice created?

You need not worry about it at all. As soon as you provide ATM International Courier Services information about your consignment, we generate it for your shipment. This document should be pasted on your shipment and not be kept inside it.

If I ship more consignments than what I have provided information about?

No worries. Give us a call immediately and we will sort out a solution to avoid any confusion later.
In this case, please inform us immediately.

Tips for Carefree Shipping

ATM International Courier Services takes care of its customers as a part of one big family. Here are some great practical pieces of advice we have drafted to make sure that you can be carefree with your shipment with us.

  • Be well informed about the customs regulations of the country you are shipping your order to.
  • Make sure your shipment is packaged correctly.
  • The specifications of your shipment should be correct. 
  • The address mentioned in your consignment should be complete and have a phone number on it. If available, add a waybill and any other important documents to the shipment. 
  • Share details of the sender like ID proof, contact details like email and phone number. You may be asked to share 2 photos as well.
  • It would be good to take a photo of your shipment when you are handing it over to the courier.