Packaging Tips

It is always advisable to safely package your consignment. In case if you have any questions, kindly contact our customer support team or fill up the form on our website with details.

Tips to Safely Package Consignment

  1. For international transport, packages are mostly packed by machines and automatic distribution systems. As these systems are seemingly very organized, they are neither gentle nor thoughtful. Therefore, it is advisable to pack consignment yourself if possible.
  2. A strong and safe packing not only helps in securing the package but also avoids any unwanted delay. 

Here are some suggestions by ATM International Courier Services.

  1. Paste shipping/consignment note on the right location of your package.
  2. In case there are any old labels on the packing, kindly remove them.
  3. Shipping notes should be clearly visible on the shipment. 
  4. Your packaging should be according to the shipment so that it stays secure.
  5. Have a shock-absorbing packaging in place for the shipment.
  6. In case of any fragile shipment, have proper cushioning material around.
  7. Thick cardboard can be used after cushioning the shipment.
  8. If you are using the waved cardboard, make sure it’s put insufficiently.
  9. Shipment should be sealed properly.
  10. If your shipment has some pointy edges or ends, secure them properly with enough cushioning material.
  11. Fragile goods should be exactly in the center of your packing and enough cushioning material around.
  12. In case of shipments more than 30 kgs, place them on pallets.
  13. Anything like carpets (rolled well), should be wrapped with foil.
  14. If your shipment is liquid in nature, make sure the container you are using is leak-proof.
  15. For powdery material or fine grains, use hard fiberboard boxes.

Whether it’s a domestic or international package for the courier, please make sure it’s packed carefully before the courier driver comes to pick it up. Use bubble wrap or Styron flakes, also called styrofoam to secure your shipment for any shocks. In case if your package is not packed properly and there are chances of breakage etc., the driver may refuse its pick-up. In such scenarios, the courier company does not hold any responsibility. 


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